Conversational Time Tracking for your Amazon Echo.

Stop tracking your time.

Start understanding it.

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Free yourself from the hassle of manual time entry so you can focus on what you love and deliver more value to your clients.

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Tali for Law

Reclaim those lost billable hours and take the pain of manual time entry off your hands with instant voice capture in the moment.

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It's easy. Just say...

"Alexa, tell Tali I've spent twenty minutes on the TPS report."

Capture Like Magic

Tali is hands-free and out of the way. Voice input is so natural you will forget Tali is there—all focus, with no distraction.

Power Your Intelligence

Imagine what you could do with your time if you really knew where it was going. With more consistent time capture, Tali puts the whole picture in front of you. And, the more you use Tali, the better it gets.

See Instant Results

Need a time sheet? Check your email. Sync with your billing/invoicing system? Done. Tali works with your existing systems and easily reports your time the way you need it.

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