A category is a way to organize and group time activities by type. It also sets billing information for the time activity. This is helpful if your business has established billing rates for different task categories, like "consulting", "non-billable", or "administration".

Billing Settings

Activities inherit billing settings from either project or category. If an activity's project does not have billing information set, the activity will inherit from the category – else the project settings will override any that are defined in category.

Category Model

  "id": "5b85b8e73c2041b76e938924",
  "created_at": "2018-08-28T21:04:39.294Z",
  "name": "Manufacturing",
  "description": "Fabrication of companion cubes, turrets, etc.",
  "color_hex": "#0088FF",
  "is_billable": true,
  "bill_rate": 1500, // in pennies
  "bill_unit": "hourly" // hourly or fixed

Create Category

POST /api/v2/categories HTTP/1.1
  "name": "Manufacturing",
  "description": "Fabrication of companion cubes, turrets, etc.",
  "bill_rate": 1500

Update Category

PUT /api/v2/categories/{id} HTTP/1.1

List Categories

GET /api/v2/categories HTTP/1.1

Optional Query Parameters

  "per_page": 20,
  "page": 1,
  "start_date": "2018-01-01",
  "end_date": "2018-02-01",
  "filter": "is_billable:true",
  "order_by": "bill_rate"

Single Category

GET /api/v2/categories/{id} HTTP/1.1

Delete/ Recover Category

DELETE /api/v2/categories/{id} HTTP/1.1
POST /api/v2/categories/{id}/recover HTTP/1.1