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Tali for Law launches October 2017, but we'll contact you right away to ship your Amazon Echo Dot. Thanks!

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  • Track your time with Amazon Alexa
  • Review and edit with Tali web dashboard
  • Daily emailed summaries
  • Integrate and sync with Harvest and Xero
Launching October 2017.

Tali for Law

  • Integrate and sync with Clio
  • Professional support
  • Free Amazon Echo Dot!*

Includes all features from Tali Free. Launching October 2017.

* With 3 month commitment.

Timekeeping that's effortless and invisible

Tali is hands-free and out of the way. Voice input is so natural you will forget Tali is there—all focus, with no distraction. Start, stop, or log activities in seconds, using nothing more than your voice as you go through your day. What can be easier than that?

Work less, capture more

Tali eliminates the need for manual time entry, saving the average attorney 5-7 hours per month. In the process, Tali can capture up to 15 more billable hours per attorney per month, time that was missed because of a sluggish manual processes. Remember that client phone call you forgot about, those brief emails peppered through your day, or the post-it note that vanished before you could enter your time? With Tali, those are things of the past—you capture more efficiently, and in the moment when the activity has the most meaning.

Built for the mobile lawyer

Away from the office but need to track your time? There’s an app for that. Tali is available through your smartphone and any Alexa-enabled device. Done with court but need to run to your next meeting? With one tap, you ask Tali to track this time while on the go, ensuring you don't lose any billable time.

Bank-grade data security

Professionals across every industry have already adopted cloud software. Tali works closely with trusted third-party leaders in data security to rigorously ensure that your information is secure. This kind of protection offers enhanced security over that found in any typical office.